Welcome to DFE

Right First Time.

is a results driven company specialising in providing customised solutions to meet our clients unique set of requirements. Whether its keeping your drilling fluid working to its full potential during drilling or building an engineered space to mix, store and maintain it, DFE can help meet your drilling needs.

Drilling - DFE offers a full range of equipment complimented by highly trained personnel to help meet your drilling requirements. Whether you are working to a 5 day well cycle drilling coal seam gas or a world record setting multi-lateral development well, DFE can help you deliver your project goals. We specialise in providing equipment that meets your needs 100% and if it doesn't exist we'll design and build it for you.

Fluid - Drilling Fluid is a valuable resource and makes up a significant component of any drilling program. Whether its maximising your drilling fluids life cycle and reducing your dilution cost or carefully planning and executing your development programs drilling waste management (DWM) to meet the most stringent regional environmental requirements DFE can meet your needs. DFE's experienced and trained staff provide a powerful resource to partner your company in achieving your goals.

Equipment - DFE's extensive range of equipment is best in class and our stringent manufacturing standards (API/ISO 9001) ensure you are being provided with reliable, field proven, high performance equipment that will keep working when you are. Our engineers that design and build our equipment know drilling and as such know that reliability, performance and simplicity are key ingredients in making equipment that you'll want use time and time again.

Health and Safety - H&S at DFE is paramount. Getting our personnel and yours home safely at the end of the job to friends and family is priority one. Creating and maintaining safe working environments doesn't happen by accident and here at DFE we are committed to H&S as key driver for everything we do. Our regional H&S managers work hard to ensure a committed safety culture is central to our operations.

Environment - Being aware of our effect on the environment is integral to everything we do. Being aware of how to control your drilling fluids effect on the environment is what we do. Leaving a place the way we found it is essential and a result of careful planning and commitment by all organisations working on any given project. DFE is well structured to integrate its environmental commitments with yours to achieve the best result we can for the planet.

Where to from here - DFE is committing to the future. With facilities in Australia, the Middle East, and New Zealand we're well positioned to carry on our global expansion plans to ensure if your drilling it we're not far away.